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Many activities nearby

First of all, we are located in the heart of the Châteaux de la Loire, as shown in the map above.
Amboise with Clos Lucé, the Royal Castle of Amboise, the Château Gaillard.
To the east the castles of Chenonceau, Chambord, Blois, Cheverny and Chaumont sur Loire.
To the west those of Villandry, Langeais, Rigny-Ussé, Azay le Rideau, Chinon.
To the south, Montpoupon, Montrésor and the Royal city of Loches.

To quote only those.

but that's not all ! you can also visit!

- The vineyards of the Loire Valley, in particular the AOC Vouvray
- Animal reserves: the zoos of Beauval, La Flèche, Doué la Fontaine and the Beaumarchais reserve
- The towns of Tours (15kms) and Amboise (14kms)
- Walks on and along the Loire

In the heart of the Loire Castles

Welcome to the cradle of French history and elegance, where every stone tells a captivating tale of the past. The Châteaux of the Loire, jewels of Renaissance architecture, invite you on a journey through time in the heart of the Loire Valley, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Vouvray vineyard

Located in the Loire Valley, is renowned for the production of exceptional white wines, mainly based on the Chenin Blanc grape variety. Nestled between Tours and Amboise, this terroir benefits from an ideal microclimate and limestone soil which gives Vouvray wines a distinctive elegance.

Beauval ZooParc

is one of the most renowned zoos in Europe, offering an exceptional experience for nature lovers and families. With more than 10,000 animals belonging to more than 600 different species, the zoo offers a captivating journey through the animal kingdom.

Tours and Amboise

Two jewels of the Loire Valley, inviting visitors to delve into the exceptional history, architecture and culture of this iconic region of France. These two complementary cities offer a total immersion in the history of the French Renaissance, from majestic castles to charming streets. They captivate visitors with their rich heritage, gastronomic delights and an atmosphere that celebrates art

Along the Water: Enchanting Walk on the Loire

Embark on a magical getaway to the heart of the Loire Valley, where the majestic waters of this royal river invite you to a unique experience.

Traditional boat tour with tasting or canoe trip, everything is possible.